Naked Walrus creates an original sound all their own resembling forms of Alternative Blues Rock. The idea of the Naked Walrus is an artistic vision comprised of passionate individuals all on a common ground who collaborate to create a sonically charged force that not only composites driving rock & roll music, but also combines all art forms.

Together only one year, the band has been moving forward at a rapid pace ever since. They are working hard to create a respectable resume as well as develop the band to the fullest extent.
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over 30 days ago to Naked Walrus

Thanks for the review of my song "Baby Needs some Lovin". It was the first song i wrote and produced when I moved up from recording with a Blue Icicle and an sm58.... It does seem unfinished. I don't have a drumset or a drummer that lives nearby...Not very good at programming drums, either. Just a bassist trying to learn recording and guitar. Hopefully getting better...:) Like the song "Getting Old"...good luck with your project.

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Naked Walrus
over 30 days ago

Thanks brother! Best of luck to you as well in all your musical endeavors! :D

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