Meghan Rose is a multiple-hats-wearing musician based in Madison. She is classically trained in piano and 'did well, but not well enough' in competitions, which led to writing her own material and becoming addicted to being in bands. She plays guitar and sings for the alt-folk group Little Red Wolf, bass/vocals for rock outfit I Saw the Creature, and guitar/bass/vocals for the punk duo Damsel Trash.
After saving up a lot of money and vacation time, she traveled to Canada to record with Neko Case's producer, Darryl Neudorf. After a year of writing and 10 days in the studio, she has a debut album that is raw and personal.

Music philosophy:
I'm not one thing, I am many things. I try to express that in my songs. Also, if it's fun to play, then it's good. If you're trying to tell the truth, then it's even better.

Sounds like:
Courtney Love plus Fiona Apple.
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