"Lalo Olivares plays a mean "Electric Latin Jazz Fiddle", a spicy blend of Afrocuban Rhythms and Electronic grooves underline his
improvisations on his latest C.D. "De Chile de Dulce y de Manteca-


Eduardo"Lalo"Olivares is an award winning composer,violinist and producer. Currently producing and composing the main themes and incidental music for TV Azteca's TV series and "Telenovelas", such as, "Se Busca un Hombre" "Lo que Callamos las Mujeres", "Alma Legal","El Sexo Fuerte","Cambio de Vida " "Cachito de mi Corazón" and Azteca's current hits "Secretos del Alma" "Cada Quien su Santo" and "Eternamente Tuya" as well as the opening and closing ID theme for "Canal 13". He has lived and worked in New York City, Paris, France and Mexico City. As a composer he is the creator of "Tropical Minimalism" with the world premiere of his piece"Acapulco en la Azotea" for the series "Music of the 20th Century" comissioned by Augustana College. He has also received commissions from the "Orquesta de Baja California" for contemporary chamber music. Composing and producing music for film and T.V. has earned him several awards, such as the "Sol" at the "Festival Iberoamericano de la Publicidad" (Buenos Aires, Argentna 2001). Most of the songs from his latest solo CD production "De Chile de Dulce y de Manteca Recalentado", came in finalist winners in one or several of the following: the 2006 " International Songwriting Competition", the "Unisong International Songwriting Contest" 2007, "Festival Internacional de la Canción de las Islas Canárias" 2005, as well as receiving 7 "Honorable Mentions" in the 2007" Billboard World Song Contest". As solo violinist, he has performed wih Mexico's leading artists in different genres, from Flamenco to Rock to Tropical to Pop. Most recently with Sergio Lara ( 2001 Latin Grammy nominee) on his latest C.D. Fom the Paris "Metro" to Mexico City's National Auditorium, from New York City's C.B.G.B's to the 2007 "Latin Billboard Conference & Awards" in Miami; Lalo Olivares has performed in all sorts of venues, festivals and tours, (including a tour with "El Tri" and "Alex Lora") "always setting the house on fire!"

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