Jerry Wayne Newson Jr better know as Jnew is the next, new generation of lyrists & Master of Ceremonies (MC). Jnew hails from the wild wild mid west, coming from the city Grand Rapids, Michigan. Jnew takes a high-tone in making sure his words have substance which allows listeners to truly feel what he is saying, Jnew calls it, "soul rapping". His cartoonish avant-garde style, schizophrenic lyrics, and human sprit call be heard and felt through his music. Jnew also doubles as the CEO/ Founder of the Independent Grand Rapids based label called Dem Ductions.

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The Debut LP Catch Yo Ears (Like Fish on Hooks) is due to debut Summer of 2011 with no specific date set for release. With a range of transfigured sounds, unpredictable rhythms & uncanny raps this new Artist is sure to do what his album proclaims to do, Catch Yo Ears (Like Fish on hooks).
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