After a hiatus, indie music artist Imani Kairee is back and working on a EP called "5" ...
Imani Kairee whose real name is Kairee Imani, was immersed in HipHop Culture at a young age. She is the eldest daughter of the late Indie Music Artist, DJ, Activist and Hipstep Massive creator Tc Izlam.
Starting her music career in the underground music circuit in Connecticut, a neighboring state to New York that has a huge underground Rap following dating back to the late 70s.
No one knew then that she would end up fulfilling a self-proclaimed prophecy.
Imani Kairee the one to look for in 2019, continues to be a trendsetter in her own right.
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"Respect Me, Respect Yourself,

Imani Kairee[Pronunced kye-ree]

"Respect Me, Respect Yourself, And We'll Get Along Fine" says the teen Hip-Hop artist referring to anyone she comes in contact with.

Imani Kairee, is a native of Connecticut. She is a young and fresh upcoming artist/writer of this era. "Her style of music is very eclectic." says Bonnie Silva who is the mother of the young teen. "It's a crossover between Hip-Hop, Pop and Dance. The style is very marketable throughout America as well as the UK"! Referring to the infamous "4 On The Floor" drum grooves Imani incorporates into her music. A majority of her style is all about life seen thru this young lady's eyes in all aspects. Everything she writes is influenced by what she feels, or how something affected someone she knows when she takes on the situation as an act of kindness. Her lyrical content breaks down all racial barriers and is like poetry mixed with a little fun to lighten things up. "My Mom played a very vital role in maintaining my career". Adds the very excited young lady.

While working on her music, Imani was interviewed on the Inner City Groove featuring DJ EZ Mike (88.5 FM a local college station in Fairfield, CT) who really liked her sound. DJ EZ Mike expressed that he was so impressed that he offered Imani Kairee a chance to co-host his show. He gave her the chance to play her new tracks which turned out to be a really good outlet for her music to gain exposure. She has interviewed Jive recording artist's such as Chris Brown, (Rapper) Dirt Bag, and Rasheeda, who appears on The Beauty Shop movie soundtrack gave her advice on how to pursue a musical career. Imani took the advice and ran with it. "I will never quit! Quitting will be like me getting thrown into a desert without water. I wouldn't be able to survive". Says Imani. She is now currently working on new material that is set to be released in early 2010.
In the sum of things, she is talented, dedicated, and motivated to succeed in this business and nothing is going to stop her. Her Swahili name translates into the American word "Faith" and she wears it well!!!

Imani Kairee has previously worked with/currently working with:
-Floyd Fisher(Producer of Nocera)
-Thelonious(T.S.)Monk Jr.
-Frank Portalatin(C&C Music Factory)
-Bryant Price(Producer of "Time To Get On")

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Imani Kairee
over 30 days ago to Imani Kairee

hi all connect with me on twitter @imanikairee

Imani Kairee
over 30 days ago to Imani Kairee


over 30 days ago to Imani Kairee

Imani (Faith)
Do you have a place to record your vocals?
If so 'Dirty Money' is waiting to be sung over if you're interested?

3 Replies
Imani Kairee
over 30 days ago

yes I have a place

over 30 days ago

If you mail me at
Let me know how you'll record etc we can work something out?

Imani Kairee
over 30 days ago

I will email you

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