What's going on?

My name is HAUL and I am a up and coming professional Hip Hop and Pop artist. Hip Pop if you will.

My songs and I have been featured on many radio, internet and soon to be, television shows.

Currently I have 6 top 100 songs on SoundClick in the Hip Hop and Pop catagories. I have a top 50 song in the Hip Hop catagory and a Top 10 Song in the Pop catagory. These songs are mostly all FREE to download with a few exceptions.

Recently I have begun licensing my newer music to various Radio, Video Game and Television companys and have provided my music to radio stations for jingles.

In addition to all the above, I am also an acoplished Live Performance Artist. With 5 current 1/2 hour live sets which can be combined into 1 2.5 hour set, you can be assured that I have the know how and material to deliver a great show to an audience of any size.

You can browse my music for FREE at www.SOUNDCLICK.com/HAUL


Steve (HAUL) Hall

The Story So Far...

HAUL is an independent lyricist from Fort McMurray, AB Canada... His main focus in music is to tell meaningful and interesting story's through unique, gripping drama and comedy... All fueled by beautiful melodies, luscious grooves and catchy hooks...

Over the years (2001+) HAUL has developed a artistic ability quite unlike any other Hip Hop artist before him... Although HAUL is still very much in the Underground of Earths music scene, his lyrics and message continue to touch his listeners, which range from teenagers to people over the hill, on an emotional level everyday...

So take a listen to the FREE music and don't forget to tell all your friends...


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