Danny has a passion to reach people's souls through his music. Having been through an orphanage, foster homes and finally on his own by the age of 17 - Dan learned early to lean on God and the gift of music He gave him.

UPDATE: Danny has released a new book: My Journey in the Shadow of "the King"...from Graceland to the Promised Land. Check it out on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited.

After a heart attack in 2013, Danny struggled for meaning in his ongoing life circumstances. After crying out to God, his inspiration came from an encouraging word during a benefit concert he gave to a boy's orphanage ten years earlier. The director said, "Danny your story needs to be heard. It is VERY encouraging to the kids and the counselors and staff."

You can hear the emotions as each song comes alive through Danny Vann's passionate delivery.

Latest News

Danny's new book, "My Journey in the Shadow of "The King" - has been released on Amazon. It is his story of both a secular and spiritual journey through life. It is meant to encourage others - whether orphans, counselors, or volunteers...Danny overcame his hurdles in life with God's help and thru his music. YOU CAN TOO!

Many of this songs on this site are mentioned in the book along with their back-stories and meanings.

Danny Vann

Danny Vann ? a.k.a. Dan VanPELT was born & raised in Bay City, Michigan.

Dan is married to Lena Kehoe- VanPELT and together they focus on God and family and helping others.

Dan is an example of how an orphan and foster child can pull himself up by the bootstraps and become a successful and functional member of society. He was a ward of the court and resident of St. Vincent?s Home in Saginaw in the late 1960s. He was placed in foster care and finally returned to his father who re-married. At the age of 17, Dan left home and has been on his own since. He graduated high school with honors and has gone on to achieve an Associates Degree in Theology from the International School of Ministry (ISOM). During his corporate career, he reached mid-level IT executive and consulted for many top 100 corporations in Michigan. He has been in management in the Information Technology field since the mid-1970s. While working in corporate America, he also became quite well known throughout Michigan as one of the best Elvis Impersonators in the state. He has performed in Vegas and was inducted into the International Elvis Impersonators Hall of Fame in 1994.

Dan has given up the rock-n-roll portion of the Elvis personna in order to use his talents for God. He is currently retired and writes new spiritual crossover music and ministers from his home in SE Michigan.

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