Dal Sanders is an entertainer. He is an actor who has appeared in scores of theatrical productions, T.V. commercials, films and various television series including DALLAS. He is a magician and illusionist who has amazed audiences with his own touring shows. An award winning professional, Sanders has been the featured performer at theaters, resorts, casinos and corporate events across the country.

He is also a songwriter who has had his work recorded by The Spies of Life, The Defendants and The Rock Mountain Band. Dal?s musical tastes are as varied as his career. His songwriting covers a wide spectrum of music including rock, folk, country, blues and pop. In other words, he writes American songs.


I'm new here.,
any info., or suggestions on how to get the most out of this web-site would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks very much.

Great title. :)

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over 30 days ago

Great work..

Well Dal I knew you were a magician, but I didn't know you are a Songwriter too!
And if I understand "Who's running hell" you have got to have an ex-wife.
It really reminds me of one I wrote. It's one my wall here, "I was married to your sister"

Have a great day!


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Dal Sanders -Songwriter
over 30 days ago

WOW! The Famous Cowboy Magician from Lubbock, TX is a songwriter too. This is very cool. It would be interesting to hunt down all the songwriter magicians and hang sometime. I just listened to a couple of your songs including "Married to Your Sister". Good work! I do have an ex-wife but "Who's Running Hell" came from a saying I've said since high school and a challenge from a song broker to write a country song.

Barry Moffitt
over 30 days ago

I think that would be a great deal of fun. I don;'t think you could make it a serious meeting if you tried.
Who's Running Hell, is a great country song, so you won that challenge.
I Just finished "Soldier Girl". It will be released next week. I've already got radio interviews set up for it. I'll put it on here over the weekend.
I'm doing the "West Texas Country Hayride" show on the 20th. Singing and Magic. That will be fun. What are you up to?

Dal Sanders -Songwriter
over 30 days ago

I'm doing the same thing I've always done...making people laugh and say WOW! Last month I was in England, I'll be at the Improv later this month. This summer I'll become President of The Society of American Magicians.

I don't sing in public ...I like to say that I get paid NOT to sing. I'm luck to be working with the same players I started writing with in the late 60's.

I'll look for Soldier Girl next week. Good luck with it.

Barry Moffitt
over 30 days ago

Wow! Congrats on becoming president! What an honor!
I told Bill Abbott that we should form a band. He said that rehearsals would be tough.

And thanks, I am very excited about the potential of Soldier Girl

over 30 days ago

Checking out your songs...

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