I'm a professional producer for tv/film/video with roots in music and photography. In the past i've been a successful music-producer + discovered bands such as SCOOTER, THESE THOUGHTLESS THINGS + FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE. During my career i have collaborated with acclaimed musicians + vocalists such as MEL COLLINS, MICK JACKSON + PEPPY CASTRO (from BALANCE). As a songwriter I created songs for artists like VERONIKA FISCHER, SHARI BELAFONTE, LEE TOWERS, NITA WHITAKER + for movies such as MYSTIC PIZZA (with JULIA ROBERTS), THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE + DEADLY DIAMONDS. I'm working with LOGIC PRO on a G5 MAC with lots of plugins. I'd like to collaborate with singers/musicians/composers from around the globe + create something exciting.

All Photographs you'll see here in the future are produced by myself (in my other identity as a "Shootist") ! If interested, check out my photo-website:


Biography Of The Artist

T.C. Rex - professional producer and director for serious Film and TV projects, with a solid background in Music and Photography.

T.C. Rex was born in Hannover, Germany on May 15th, 1958. At the age of twelve he developed a love for photography, with a particular interest in the works of fashion photographers of that time. Later, in the mid-70s, he perfected his skills at one of the premier industrial photo-studios in Germany, GRAUEL & UPHOFF GmbH/Hannover.

Right after that period, he started out photo- and video-graphing striptease artists, hookers and shockingly normal people until the early 80s. Far from being simple reportage, this work involved studio-based reconstructions of the models' worlds. So there was already a hint of things to come: from the peculiar staged quality of his pictures to a predilection for female nudes treated as portraits.

He went on with a parrallel career as a producer in music biz, working in his own studio for a variety of major and independant record labels, discovering talents such as FURY IN THE SLAUGHTERHOUSE, SCOOTER, CANNON, SENI, THESE THOUGHTLESS THINGS and released his own projects (MEGABYTE, QUIET FORCE). During that period he wrote songs for artists such as VERONIKA FISCHER, SHARI BELAFONTE, LEE TOWERS, NITA WHITAKER and for movies such as MYSTIC PIZZA (with JULIA ROBERTS), THE DOMINO PRINCIPLE and DEADLY DIAMONDS.

Later he worked for a couple of years in Hamburg as chief editor and journalist for various magazines, such as VIDEOPLAY, COMIXENE, JANUS and others. At the same time he started his second successful career as an author, mostly on dialogue-books for foreign movies and tv-series.

Since 1996, T.C. Rex has established himself as an international producer for movies, TV-series and video-clips, working with numerous companies, including PASSION PICTURES, HALLMARK ENTERTAINMENT, PLAYBOY, SUPER RTL, DAS WERK, SLAVE STUDIOS, BRAVO STUDIOS, TOUCHWOOD ENTERTAINMENT, STARDUST ENTERTAINMENT.

While enjoying success, T.C. Rex has never lost sight of his passionate interest in people; a curiosity that compels him to document human behaviour. Far beyond the confines of his commercial work. His extraordinary pictures capture the vulnerability of the human soul, and vividly reveal more about fear and hope than any amount of words ever could. That?s why he never stopped being consumed by his photographic ambitions.

Strangers, models, literary figures, wannabe-celebrities, transvestites or just plain ugly folks . . . T.C. Rex examines all of his subjects with the same inquisitive yet sincere lens, revealing some kind of connection - even if only a glance- between the photographer and his subject.

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