Cheap Yellow Mustard is a Band that mutated to life a few years ago in the High Desert town of Tehachapi... It's an instumental Jazz Fusion affair... "Tehachapi's Own Musical Militia".

Bruce Trollop Milburn from Bakersfield on Drums...
The Happenin' Ruben Fernandez from Fresno on Percussion...
Jerry "The Man" Mulkins on Guitars... Tehachapi.
Tommy "The Kid" Smith on all things Bass... Bakersfield.
Cameron Bo Hammond Melville on all things keys... Tehachapi.

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Cheap Yellow Mustard is most often compared to Santana although we also hear Pink Floyd & Dire Straights as well.
We feel the Santana analogy, though a big honor, is more towards the instumentation of the Music than the Guitar itself.


1) Frank Zappa, Weather Report, Al Dimeola & Chick Corea
2) Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Eric Clapton, B.B. King & Carlo Santana.
3) Little Feat, The Band, Weather Report & The Nevilles.
4) Jaco P


1) DRUMS...Bruce Milburn. Born in Reseda CA. Enjoyed music from early on. Played Snare Drum in Elementary School Band and Traps in local Bands starting at age 13.
Graduated from Bakersfield College in '83 with Associate in Fine Arts Degree. Studied with Johnny Snider (EDDY MONEY) for three years. Bruce has currently recorded over 20 albums at Bakersfield Music & Recording Studio.

2) GUITAR...Jerry Mulkins. Jerry started playing Guitar at age 14 and has played with over 50 Bands including recording artists "Full Moon" & "The Lisa Bowman Band"

3) KEYBOARDS...Cameron Melville (aka Fletcher Bo Hammond) Cameron starting playing Piano when he was 3 or 4. More recently he has performed and recorded with "Fillmore Slim" (Blues) and "The Old Gray Zipper" (Psychedelic Rock) both in the San Francisco area.

4) BASS...Tommy “Dr Groove” Smith. 25, Self taught Bassist started in High School Jazz Band in Bakersfield and played all four years. Went on to play with Bakersfield College Jazz Ensemble for several years. Began playing professionally in 1997 with several local Country Bands, has been workin' steady ever since. Tommy has opened for Country star Chris Ledeux and is an Honorary Buckaroo at Buck Owens Crystal Palace in Bakersfield CA.

5) PERCUSSION...Ruben M Fernandez, Ed D. Before joining CYM Ruben performed with various groups such as Thee Majestics, The V05, Al Garcia Band & Devotion. Ruben is a Community College Dean who loves to contribute his talents promoting Jazz

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