Bora Lane

Bora Lane was born in 1977 in Bulgaria. At the age of five she started her first piano lessons, and one year later her first singing lesson. For the next 11 years classical music was her life. Shortly after finishing studies, her music career started in Cyprus, aged only sixteen, performing in High quality hotel bars and lobbies.??A few years later Bora Lane moved to Europe. Her voice was heard in Sweden, Norway, Italy, Germany, Austria Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Switzerland, Her piano playing was a part of major Gala events and Firm seminars of: OMEGA, (performing together with Thai star Coco Lee); DAVIDOFF Group; Miss Austria Elections; Exclusive St.Moritz Polo games & White Turf; UBS Bank; Credit Suisse Bank; ULYSSE NARDIN SA. as well as playing for Tina Turner and Rod Stewart.??2004 was the year, when Bora Lane cut back travelling around Europe, and concentrated on her own music, style, and song productions. After 2 years, hard working, composing, arranging, producing, the project BUTTERLY was born with the CD "I Wanna Dance"?Emotional and colourful- That's the debut of Bora Lane??The second CD is on the way soon. There you will hear and see another side of her.?Powerful, more commercial and more self confidence Take a moment and enjoy the voice and music of Bora Lane!?

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