Good Evening Peeps.
Welcome to the internet. I'm Alex Balasco and I have a project I call Alexander and the Greats. I'm me.....the Greats are friends/talented musicians that have played on the tracks...
This page is dedicated to the friends, musicians, and experiences help me to write and record my songs. Check out ATG's debut album "Worth a Word" on the albums can here the songs,read the lyrics, check credits if interested. Feel free to contact me and share thoughts.....I'll certainly write back.
Music is for sale...but if you want a free copy of "Worth a Word" feel free to send me an email from the contact page and I'd be happy to oblige. If you want to pay for individual songs it'll cost you a dollar man.....I don't do this for money, my dream is only to be able to play live and record..if I ever make enough to cover the cost of equipment and studio time then I'm a happy dude...

Latest News

Good day to you friends. Dust is settling on another year with new days coming soon. Starting a new album in a few sounds, new stories. Life is a wonderful weekend. Also working on a new master for "worth a word"......will see what happens.

Don't stay up too late tonight. Morning guy will hate you.


Worth a Word and ATG Bio

Alexander and the Greats is a creation of Alexander Balasco.
Worth a Word is the name of the debut album for Alexander and the Greats. All songs were written and arranged by Alex in the spring of 2006. Album was recorded at Lamarre Studios in Charlotte, NC. Paul Lamarre engineered the album and played all percussion on the album. Guitars and bass performances from AB, PL, and the mystery man Dave....

Although still racing for cheese in a real word. ATG is currently arranging demos for another full length album to begin recording in January 07. There will always be music with ATG.......only cuffs and cliffs to manage along the way.....


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