4xQuatro is a Guatemalan jazz quartet made up by Juan Carlos Murga on guitar, Adolfo Robb on keyboards, Leslie Johnson on bass and Carlos Suchini on drums. They each bring a good amount of musical experience and ability in a variety of styles, and decided to form the group on the basis of a shared liking for contemporary jazz and fusion.

In a point of interest, it should be noted that the only professional musician in the group at its formation was Adolfo. Juan Carlos is a practicing Architect, Leslie was at the time majoring in Graphic Design, and Carlos is a Dentist. Amateurs in the truest sense of the word: Love of the Art.

From the first jam session, Juan Carlos realized that there was a capacity for virtuous execution on the part of Adolfo, Leslie and Carlos, so he proposed the idea of writing and performing original instrumental music. The album Uno.., completely produced in Audio Track recording studios in Guatemala, is the result.
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