The Roads You Take

This album is mainly acoustic based, acoustic guitars and piano and rich vocal and harmony arrangements. The songs all tell their own story but listened to as a whole make up a journey, from ?Give me the news?, which is really a plea to be accepted and loved for who you are, through to ?My Reason?, which is an affirmation of what Sharon and I believe to be the answer !! The sound on the whole is melodic, lush, gentle, relaxing, calming, heartfelt, at times even choral / gospel inspired. I like to think of my music as a blend of musical flavors all mixed together like a trifle ! Each spoonful gives you a slightly different taste! The various influences are evident but never quite defining, a little folk, a little rock, a sprinkling of gospel and snippets of classic pop !! If I have to stick my neck out and give it a genre, I would go for something like melodic retro Pop !

Give Me The News
Rock - Easy Listening
Plays: 26
Find My Way
Pop - Religious
Plays: 24
Carry The Load
Rock - Easy Listening
Plays: 27
It Only Took A Moment
Folk - General
Plays: 21
Staying Here Keeps Me Alive
Folk - General
Plays: 28
No More Sorrow
Pop - Rock
Plays: 19
Ease The Pain
Folk - Rock
Plays: 38
Many Roads
Rock - Easy Listening
Plays: 29
You Can Take It Anyway
Folk - Rock
Plays: 13
My Reason
Unique - General
Plays: 43
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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