Movin' On

Movin' On is a compilation of musical and lyrical song stylings written by Kevin Reardon. A lot of talented people contributed to the record, but David Morgan is the feature artist on the record - singing, playing and/or arranging something wonderful on every song. Fonda Feingold and John "Ratso" Gerardi were also key contributors with incredible vocals and guitars, respectively, and for their unending moral support. Angel Risoff did a great job with the lead vocals on three songs, and Matt Seitz engineered and mixed the CD (in partnership with David), turning the whole esoteric audio collage into one cohesive musical statement. Movin' On has a little bit of everything on it. I hope everyone finds something they can enjoy. David, Fonda, Ratso, Angel, Matt and the rest of the Raghat Band (credits listed below) are all very talented people trying to make a living at one of the toughest jobs there is - musical invention on demand. If you'd like to contact any of them, please send me a note and I'll put you in touch. The Raghat Band is David Morgan on Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitar, Pianos, Organ, Melotron, and Drums; Fonda Feingold on Background Vocals; John (Ratso) Gerardi on Electric Guitars; Matt Seitz on Engineering and Mixing; Richard Crooks on Drums; Angel Risoff on Lead Vocals [for Where Did It All Go Right?, Mary and On Your Side]; Angela Clemmons on Background Vocals; Angelo Natale on Background Vocals; Scott Spray on Bass Guitar; Dave Richards on Bass Guitar; Steve Hass on Drums; Ric Molina on Guitars; Melissa Westgate on Cello; Corrine Metter on Violin; Crispin Cioe on Sax; Greg Wall on Saprano Sax; Jeff DeMaio on Pedal Steel Guitar; Joe Boerst and Jim Brady on Engineering; and Kevin Reardon on Lead Vocals [for The Rest Is Easy], Guitar and Synthesizer. The CD photos are by Hirotaka Kasuga, who can be reached at The graphics work is by Walter Albertson; Visualizer, who can be reached at

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