Drifting is a collaboration between Kevin Reardon, who wrote the melodies and harmonies for each of the songs (one with old friend, Ronn Burke), David Morgan, who did the improvisation and dazzling piano playing, and Matt Sietz, who engineered the entire recording. The Drifting CD features nine new solo piano pieces. Its a "sit by the fire, get yourself a good book and a glass of wine, kick-back and enjoy" type of CD. We hope you do. We also hope you enjoy the cover art work which is the creation of David Marshall. It was important that we put together a total experience and David's artwork was the perfect complement to the Drifting sounds. Drifting started out as a simple idea to create a solo piano recording of some of the songs I wrote for our wedding (plus a few more) and present it to my wife, Gwen, as a renewal of my love. Drifting ended up as a unique set of interpretations and improvisations on my songs by David Morgan, and although it is still my gift to Gwen, it has now become something that we both can share with anyone who seeks to re-acquaint themselves with remembrances of special times, people and places. My heartfelt thanks go to David Morgan. Every song on this record was performed by him. He is an amazing talent and a great friend. I appreciate not only what he created on this record but also his support for making it happen. Thanks also to Matt Sietz for doing such an outstanding job of recording each piece and making them all come alive in their own way. As always, I thank Gwen, Dan and Jesse for all of their love and support, and my entire family and friends for their continued enthusiasm for these types of projects. Your love and interest in my music is my main source of inspiration. Enjoy !!

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