Of Earth & Angels

Some have described LEAH's debut album, "Of Earth & Angels" as the ENYA of heavy metal, and others as Loreena McKennitt meets Delain. One thing is for sure: LEAH's voice will play the strings of the most brutal of hearts, causing them to melt into submission. From soulful, spiritual ballads to folk-tale operatic blast beats, to more mainstream rock singles, "Of Earth & Angels" is sure to impress the skeptic, and is already beckoning the rest of the world to take notice.

Rock - Gothic
Plays: 36
Rock - Hard Rock
Plays: 25
Old World
Rock - Heavy Metal
Plays: 18
I Fade
Rock - Gothic
Plays: 15
Ex Cathedra
Rock - Gothic
Plays: 21
World - Celtic
Plays: 17
A Thousand Years
Pop - Easy Listening
Plays: 22
Tragedy & Magic
Rock - Gothic
Plays: 11
Rock - Heavy Metal
Plays: 12
Say Yes
Rock - Hard Rock
Plays: 10
Confess My Love
Rock - Heavy Metal
Plays: 13
Rock - Heavy Metal
Plays: 171
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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