Paris Museum

Things that are NOT on this album: Drum solos Songs by the drummer Synth drums Spandex Slow jams Fake British accents Songs about being in a band Songs about horses when there are no metaphors involved Songs about being a daddy Songs about your daddy Grunting and moaning (like Puff Daddy) on top of someone else's song   Barry Mauer grew up in the vibrant Minneapolis music scene of the 1980s, lapping up the music of the Replacements, Hüsker Dü, Soul Asylum, the Jayhawks, and scores of other terrific bands. In the 1990s, Mauer moved to Gainesville, Florida and formed Look Here Sister, an all-girl country band, except he wasn't a girl. The band grew from a four piece to a seven piece over time, and became stylistically diverse, branching out into rock, punk, folk, pop, bluegrass, and rockabilly. The band attracted a small but devoted following in Gainesville. Mauer ended up in Orlando, Florida, where he has reconnected with his old bandmates from Look Here Sister (aka The Rails), albeit with a few personnel changes. In 2003, he recorded two albums of original music, Fantasy Life and Paris Museum at Goldentone Records in Gainesville, Florida. He is in the process of recording his third CD, entitled Alaska. Mauer composes his own songs, and does the vocal, guitar, violin, bass, keyboard, and lap dulcimer work on the albums. He is accompanied by some seasoned players from the Gainesville and Atlanta scenes. Mauer is now a university professor and teaches in the English Department, The Film and Digital Media Department, and the Texts and Technology PhD program at the University of Central Florida in Orlando.

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