Use Me is the title of the maxi single released July, 2004. The "Use Me" project is a great introduction to the unique style of Tashanti and Nikyla. Use Me The title track "Use Me" was inspired by "instrument", the smash single by Ernest & Erika Jackson. While riding in the car, Nikyla was worshiping to the song instrument and God place in her spirit to allow him to use her. The lyrics 'if you can use anything us me' were immediatly given to her. Use me has a real smooth, mellow feel. The music draws you into a mode of surrender to God. A portion of the 80's hit "Lord Im Available to You" is mixed into the song. By the end of the track you will be totally submited to the will of God, crying out; your heart, mind, body, and soul belongs to him and that you are available: Use Me eee e eee e eee e (you have to listen to the song to understand the e's.) I Wanna Be Free I Wanna Be Free has a rock feel with a mixture of contemporary worship. The song was written as a result of being tired of not experienceing the fullness of Jesus. I wanna be free from sin, bondage, debt, pain, lack, tradition. I wanna be free to laugh, dance, jump, shout, lift up my hands, sing. Freedom can only come through Jesus Christ. "Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed". Change "Tha Philly Joint". This up beat song is a testimony of how Jesus came into our lives and changed us. If any man be in Christ Jesus, he is a new creature. Change is a very catchy song, you'll be singing it all night. The groove of change will have you dancing all night as well. We call it the radio song. Unworthy Unworthy is a ballad which expresses the humbleness of Anointed Victory. Lord we know that our rightoesness is as filthy rags, but it is you that makes us worthy.

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