AK Battin, who grew up in the Midwest in a strong musical environment, has lived on both coasts before settling down in South Jersey about seven years ago. Influenced by a full spectrum of artists from Elvis Presley and The Beatles to Ryan Adams and Jack Johnson, AK has honed his easygoing lyrics with his sophomore EP, Reja Vu. Coined by famous author Terry Pratchett in his Discworld series, the word "Reja Vu" is the feeling something that has happened or is happening WILL happen again; life lessons are old, new, and certain to come back around.

Following on the heels of his Dents, Dings and Scratches EP, AK's latest creation speaks like a day at the beach: happy and fresh with a positive story woven throughout. Reja Vu is a refreshing find, in that no song is too heavy on this acoustic rock EP that is sure to please.

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Reja Vu EP released October 2nd, 2012! It can be found on iTunes or CDBaby.
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