Who is Aishah?

Aishah (pronounced Eye-shah) meaning "Alive" in Arabic began performing at the tender age of three. She landed the role of "Trouble" in Madame Butterfly, beating out over 100 boys for the traditionally male part. Not surprisingly, that experience led her to dabble in opera--a natural fit for her powerful five-octave range. By the time she was nine, she had 25 national commercials. ("I introduced the Mc Veggie Burger on Spanish television," she recalls, with a laugh) under her belt--and she'd even scored a guest spot on E.R. But her streak didn't stop there: At 14, she was handpicked by Mel Gibson and famed songwriter David Foster to sing "On My Own" from Les Miserable at a Los Angeles charity event. That same year, Aishah appeared on America's Most Talented Kids, wowing judges with a formidable rendition of Nelly Furtado's "I'm Like A Bird." But as impressive as her career highlights are, they don't explain who Aishah is at her core.

Aishah was born 21 years ago in Bedford, Indiana. But she's no corn-fed Midwesterner.Her biological dad is from Saudi Arabia; her mom is a Los Angeleno of Spanish/Mexican descent. Despite being raised in Southern California apart from her father to whom she rarely speaks, a Middle Eastern influence permeates her music; a jaw-dropping concoction of unbridled energy, fiery vocals and provocative lyrics. "My mom educated me about oppression of women in the Middle East and told me stories about her time there, so I wanted to get into the history, and allow that to inspire where I am coming from musically.Celebrating the goddess energy on a more positive note," says Aishah. Whether a track is high-octane or a slow, sultry burn, Aishah's defiantly original spirit shines through her songs.Her performances are a melding of cultures too: Tribal belly-dancing intermingles with soulful singing, and a healthy dose of Egyptian eyeliner.

Aishah's live show is a mystical journey into the divine feminine, lifting spirits, and awakening a rich diversity of love into the hearts of her fans. As she preps her next full length project, be prepared for greatness, as her flower of creativity blossoms for our eyes to behold in it's brilliance.


Aishah is on Broad Jam to seek other artists to write music with, and find songs to write to.

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