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Adam was born in London in 1990 and comes from a musical family. He started playing the piano at the age of three, later taking up the violin, viola and guitar. Adam is a composing prodigy who has composed and recorded a remarkable 'three-thousand' plus pieces of music since he first began composing four years ago at the age of fifteen. Adam is an inspired composer who writes fluently and quickly in a wide range of musical styles, including early music, baroque, classical, romantic, neo-classical, modernist, ragtime, jazz, operatic, musical-comedy, folk and pop (writing words and music), as well as music for the stage, film and television. Adam composed and recorded additional music for the major twelve-part BBC series Francesco's Meditteranean Voyage' and a song that he arranged and recorded was used as a 'temp-track' in the new Hollywood film, 'My Life In Ruins' (produced by Tom Hanks). The former principal of the Royal Academy of Music in London, Sir Curtis Price, KBE (now Warden of King's College Oxford), has described Adam as a "prolific and successful composer" after hearing his audition showreel for the Royal Academy of Music. Howard Goodall, composer and UK music education ambassador and spokesperson for the Sibelius company, which makes the world's leading music scoring program, said of Adam's winning finalist video clip in the 2008 'Sibelius Student Composer of the Year Competition' (which won the 'public vote'), "Brilliantly married to the pictures; fluid and exciting"."

Adam has been a winning finalist in five national and international composing competitions in the past fifteen months, including the 'Sibelius National Young Film Composer Competition' 2007, the 'Sibelius Student Composer of The Year Competition' 2008, the 'Daniel International Young Composers Competition' in Israel (where he was the youngest and only successful composer from the UK, as well as being the only composer out of the four finalists to receive a standing ovation for the performance of his Symphonic Poem, 'Daniel', the 'Notion' International Composer's Competition in the USA and the 'Quidco' Song and Video Competition in the UK, for which he wrote the words and music, as well as producing the winning song.

Adam's classical musical influences include Mozart, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, Debussy, Mahler, Ravel, Vaughan-Williams and Leonard Bernstein. Adam's film music influences include Max Steiner, Erich Korngold, Victor Young, Jerome Moross, Elmer Bernstein and John Williams.

As well as playing violin, viola and guitar, Adam is a virtuoso pianist who enjoys giving recitals of music by Mozart, Beethoven and Chopin. Adam composes, orchestrates, performs and conducts his music, as well as directing it from the piano. Adam is currently composing music for the new BBC One David Dimbelby series 'The Seven Ages of Britain' also co-writing songs for the album. Adam has also, been commissioned to arrange and co-produce a new song for the London 2012 Olympic Games, to be sung by his sister Eleni, who is also co-arranger and producer on the track. Adam is currently in talks with producers to make two television documentary arts programs about his achievements and successes and achievements as a young and phenomenal composer. The musical director of the program will be Nicholas Dodd, (the brilliant orchestrator and conductor of the music of Hollywood Bond composer David Arnold), and played and recorded by the London Symphony Orchestra at Abbey Road and Air Lyndhurst recording Studios in London.

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