Named Adamsday in 1999 as a self-aggrandizing vehicle for Gibson that no one cared enough to debate, this ponderous four have played dates and recorded 2 CDs to an astonishing lack of acclaim. Stylistically, Gibson's voice is not unlike several dead singers, most notably, Jim Henson and Shari Lewis. McKinley's playing brings to mind an infantile Neil Young swatting flies with his guitar. Taylor, for his part, has achieved a near total lack of notoriety for his sheer volume and broken equipment. Together, they create a wall of sound on which most people want to urinate or, at least, to tear down. Intent on touring, the group will leave a temporary musical void in Atlanta that will be quickly and easily filled by almost anyone. This band is about being a band and performing music that stirs the soul (if not the lower intestines). On a less serious note, ADAMSDAY is a band with some pretty good songs so check 'em out!
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