SALT leads you onto an exciting sonic journey consisting of various ear-appealing orchestrations. The band embraces both harmonious, soothing, melodic aesthetics but occasionally leans towards the raw, abrasive, energetic side as well.

Having recently supported Goodbye Mr Mackenzie at the Liquid Rooms and being played on Craig Charles's' BBC Radio 6 show. SALT are very prolific and embarking on their third album for HX Records. First album recorded pre lockdown was Cellophane it is available via Rough Trade and cool record shops. This album was blue vinyl, a bit of a rarity. We dont have any left! Second album was "Fairytale on Fire", message us for a signed copy. It is avaialbe on Bandcamp here.


As part of promotion HX Records commissioned a documentary by New York award winning director Dylan Mars Greenberg. She's just done a video for TV's Michael C Hall's band. He was Dexter. 

SALT have loads of songs.
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