Ryan VanOrsdel is a 23-year-old musician from the Washington, DC area. However, he has spent much of his time learning to play music in Mexico, and California.
He released his first full length CD in Jan. 04. That CD, Humility is Beautiful, was recorded at Capitol Records in Los Angeles and heavily inspired by experiences of God at an orphanage in Juarez Mexico. Stylistically it is an eclectic album with influences from Incubus to Jethro Tull. Guest musicians on Humility is Beautiful include Michael Jerome drumming on the song Passed Away and Nate Grant drumming on the songs The Center, and homeless Never Changing. Some of the songs from Humility is Beautiful have been included on compilations such as The Best of Radio Wazee 2004 and The Tsunami Relief CD produced by the Streetcats Foundation.
2005 will include a summer tour for Ryan's band Anapra. Cities included are Phili, Frederick, Baltimore, DC, Raleigh, Orlando, Juarez, and Chihuahua.

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Ryan is a 22 year old musician. He finished recording his second album at Capitol Records studios in LA last summer. That album (Humility is Beautiful) was released in January and this summer Ryan will be touring the East coast.

Ryan has been a Christian for six years and writes according to his faith.

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