Broadjam 6-Pack Songwriting Competition

The Broadjam 6-Pack Songwriting Competition consists of six individual songwriting challenges, each with its own unique theme. You're welcome to make as many submissions to as many challenges as you'd like and you can track the progress of the competition by following the 6-Pack Leaderboard (updated hourly) and the progress of your own submissions as well. Read more info

Important Dates

Ratings Open: 12/20/19

Submissions End: 8/28/20

Ratings End: 9/28/20

Finals Begin: 10/5/20

Submission Pricing

Primo Members

Mini Members

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Can 1: The Kitchen Sink

The Kitchen Sink

Any genre, instrumental or vocal. Throw in your best!

Submit Songs to The Kitchen Sink
Review Songs for The Kitchen Sink
Can 2: Woe Is Me

Woe Is Me

Heartbreak is name of the game. Make 'em sob!

Submit Songs to Woe Is Me
Review Songs for Woe Is Me
Can 3: Love Is Grand

Love Is Grand

For your best romantic musings

Submit Songs to Love Is Grand
Review Songs for Love Is Grand
Can 4: Under Cover

Under Cover

Your best covers - get creative!

Submit Songs to Under Cover
Review Songs for Under Cover
Can 5: Acoustic Only

Acoustic Only

No electronic instruments allowed!

Submit Songs to Acoustic Only
Review Songs for Acoustic Only
Can 6: Speechless


Instrumentals only! Any style/genre

Submit Songs to Speechless
Review Songs for Speechless