Raw Business Entertainment was
introduced to the Madison Hip Hop Community. Making a name through explosive music with creative artists, such as Jelly, Disco, T-Bird, Beeph, and "Mr. 608" aka "Mr. Gone Before I Hit the Club" himself, 2Raw; branded with the Raw Business name. With support from the Raw Business team and backing from Madison's Hip Hop fans, Edward "2Raw" Singleton has not only become Raw Business' main stream artist, but has also became Madison, Wisconsin's most watched rapper. Performing his hit single, "Presidential Suite" with numerous other songs from his first mix-tapes, "Asshole Flow Volume 1" and not yet released, "Ladies Man" at sold out venues. Fans quickly latching on to his music, It is safe to say the fans want him here and they want him to stay. Though 2raw is the main stream artist for Raw Business, the company's other artist such Jelly, Disco, T-Bird, Beeph should not be taking lightly or over looked. Stay tuned for T-Bird's mix tape"Bird Drops" and KY Jelly's, "Jellyville", Disco and Beeph's mix-tapes that will be recognized later this year. A Group formed through a brotherhood and founded by Dion Jones and Edward Singleton. We present RAW BUSINESS Entertainmet.

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