I started as a young youth in Miami, always going against the grain always going against authority. I guess you can say I'm militant. For some reason I was always attracted to the negative in life. I think if my father was alive I would be a better person, but he wasn't so I was raised by the streets. Selling drugs and everything else that came with it. I'm not going into details but I'm a certified G. You can say an old G. But I'm still a good man that's why I decided to jump in the rap game I have a story to tell and at the same time I think I can bring a little positive input in the game, but for now I'm going to tell you my ghetto story and when I think the peoples ready for it I'm going to tell you my positive story. So bare with me don't think I'm just about selling drugs and killing. Keep an open mind and you will learn something from Thugghound.

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