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Diana Williamson

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song: Still The Rain Don't Come
artist: Densyl

genre: Country - General
stats: playlists: 0 | song plays: 18
General Overview
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Still the Rain Don't Come

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Bad - Crying

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2000 and later

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Sad - Poignant

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General Comments

Hi Densyl!
I actually have become a big country fan!

Song has a great feel. Great title too- it makes a person wonder. You always want to draw in your listener and make them wonder. Also it has a visual in it which is always good. Gives it dimension.

I like the vocal in fact it sounds like one of my best friends. It almost sounds a bit low for the singer sometimes. It is very distinctive so people will either love it or not. Personally I love a lot of character in a vocal and the grist in the tone. I always feel that certain indie movies really love this type of unorthodox stuff - it gives them a lot more oomph than the regular type pop radio.

In places it feels a bit like the singer could "sing" the words a bit more versus speaking them - or trying to fit them in somehow..Just a tad smoother. I think the song works nicely for the artist - especially live it would be great. If you wanted to pitch it for another artist- it would need tweaks suggested throughout. However- that is why I mentioned indie films, they don't necessarily need the standard formulas.

Just read the lyrics. EXCELLENT!!! WOW. Not everyday I come across such poetic VISUAL lyrics. These are really great. You started nice- setting up the story and letting it evolve. "There's dust in my eyes and it's hurting like hell" - you paint the picture so vividly for the listener. This is a great knack- not always easy to do. And then to end it "and still the rain don't come." Wow. Heavy duty...great.

These lyrics are truly evocative. The only thing I can think of to make them just a tad better would be to give us a hint of "what caused their split?" People stay together in hard times.... Was she a social climber, was the singer lost when he should have been better, something- some red flag in the story that would hint about why she left. This would give the song a final touch- a stronger dimension to the story. Perhaps in a bridge part? To take the song to a new place for a minute and give us this pay-off.. (eg- no use saying what coulda been, my little church girl, said we were living in sin, shoulda married her, and given her my ring.... ) you get the idea..-some kinda idea..of why... This idea is probably too specific- cause you have a nice vagueness here, which you might not want to ruin- perhaps something more subtle.. It's just to give you the idea.

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Artist's Submitted Question:

Hi Diana, A few years back I submitted my Christmas song to you and this time it's a country song. It may not be your preferred genre but I know you enjoy good melodies. This song is a collab with a friend artist who wrote the lyrics and sang the song and another friend artist who provided some backup vocals. If you enjoy the song here's a video of it on youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mfb_UAmuZmw
I trust you will make another valuable critic of my song
denis aka Densyl

Pro's Answer/Comments:

Nice, smart arrangements and the bg vocals are extremely tasty. They really conjure up a wonderful feel. Hook is good. Love how you go down at the end to emphasize the hook line. It could be even more effective with an extra rhyme for this line. It's always helpful to rhyme that hook line. It's an easy trick that works everytime to give your listener that ear candy they love in a hook.
Nice work, some solid talent here! Artist paints an evocative picture in a masterful way.

Quote From Pro:

Artist paints an evocative picture in a masterful way.