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Broadjam Member Newsletter: 4-24-06, #336

Dear Broadjam Member,

With some recent contests coming to an end, a few congratulations are in order for the winners! Check out riffraffnblue's song "Can't Stop" to hear what the Broadjam community determined as the best blues song!

Congratulations to the winners of the Dallas International Guitar Festival Solo Contest - Bruce Berg and Vince Genella! As part of the prize package, each winner received a one-year Broadjam Primo MoB membership, which includes their own website. Bruce Berg, the drum solo winner, received a Slingerland snare drum and Vince Genella, the guitar solo winner, received an Epiphone electric guitar. The two winners were also invited to perform at the Saturday Night Jam this past weekend during the festival in Dallas, Texas! Both winners received a Broadjam Primo MoB membership. Learn more about these talented artists below.

Also, be sure to check out American Idol Underground and learn how you can get involved and gain some great exposure!

Summerfest Contest
Summerfest is one of the largest outdoor music festivals in the world. Over the course of the 11-day festival held in downtown Milwaukee, Wisconsin, it draws about one million people. For a third year, Energy Crisis Music (ECM) is accepting submissions for acts to perform on The McNally Smith Tiki Stage, a stage geared toward emerging music and artists. We are looking for excellent original indie rock, pop, singer-songwriter, AAA and world beat acts to fill up to 45 performance slots.

Learn more about this great performance opportunity.

ARTIST: riffraffnblue
Chicago, Illinois
United States

Blues Contest Winning Song: Can't Stop     

A special congratulations is in order for March's Blues Contest Winner, riffraffnblue! Their song, "Can't Stop" was chosen by the Broadjam community as the best blues song! Listen to "Can't Stop" for a powerful blues song full of intensity and emotion. The vocals are rich and the guitar solos are strong.

Riffraffnblue was formed by Daniel Chytla many years ago with some of his favorite musicians, including Lucy Rose, Terrance King, Arch Terrance, and Hank Perillo. The band primarily plays the blues, but has played and recorded in many different genres. The band’s original material is written and arranged by Daniel. He finds inspiration from his life’s journeys and from his 12-year-old daughter, Hannah. The band played together for many years, but  unfortunate circumstances in recent years have caused the band members to go their separate ways. Daniel is still writing and recording as riffraffnblue but says the credit for the winning blues song, “Can’t Stop,” goes to all the original musicians of riffraffnblue!

Daniel is grateful for the privilege of winning the Blues Contest and would like to dedicate the honor to Arch Terrance, who passed away last week, and to Uncle Hank.

He has more songs and a new website coming soon so check back often for updates!

Check out riffraffnblue's Artist Profile page.

ARTIST: Bruce Berg
Denton, Texas
United States
Dallas International Guitar Festival Solo Contest: Drum Winner

Bruce Berg started taking drum lessons at age 10, and shortly thereafter began to develop an appreciation for the music of Frank Zappa, The Tony Williams Lifetime, Weather Report, and Return to Forever. After attending college for a couple of years in Illinois , he transferred to the University of North Texas as a jazz studies major. There he performed with the UNT lab bands and small groups. For the next several years, Bruce played in various Top 40, Jazz, Rock, and Country bands in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Currently, Bruce is honing his drum set skills, focusing on space, musicality and the eclectic. Having always admired the craftsmanship of vintage drums, Bruce is designing and building a custom drum kit. His goal was to design something modern in sound and function, yet possessing the charm and timeless beauty of its classic fore bearers. By this token, Bruce's most recent project meets and exceeds his expectations.

Visit Bruce Berg's Artist Profile page.

ARTIST: Vince Genella
West Milford, New Jersey
United States
Dallas International Guitar Festival Solo Contest: Guitar Winner

Vince Genella has been working consistently in the music business for over 20 years recording, performing, teaching guitar and working as a clinician at trade shows and music stores all over the country. He first picked up his father's guitar on January 28th, 1977 and has since studied under a number of teachers. Vince admits his taste has developed into something far too broad to be identified by any single guitarist or style of music. He doesn't just listen to the guitar; he also listens to woodwinds, brass, keys, vocal phrasing - anything he can learn from! This variety has given his style of writing and playing a depth and durability that does not fall apart after the third or fourth listen.

His instrumental compositions are led by searing melodic technique and passionate, fiery leads through mature song-oriented hooks and progressions. Vince combines straightforward lead guitar with a showman's flair to create a dynamic on-stage presence. Currently, he is working on his own full length instrumental CD while maintaining a full teaching schedule, doing studio sessions for others, and holding guitar clinics for Randall MTS Series Amplifiers and Parker Guitars. Whether teaching, recording or performing, Vince gets the job done, and has a blast doing so!

Learn more about Vince Genella.

American Idol Underground
American Idol Underground
Web Site Will Get Your Music Heard: American Idol Underground

Are you a music artist in need of exposure? You can get your music heard at American Idol Underground.

American Idol Underground (AIU) is an online community where emerging artists get their music heard and fans discover new music. When artists submit music to American Idol Underground, they get at least 200 spins on AIU’s online radio network, entry into song competitions within their music genre, a profile page with unlimited on-demand streaming and more. 

Music fans go to to listen and rate the music and by doing so, determine which artists receive additional promotion and prizes. Top-rated artists receive reviews by AIU’s panel of music industry professionals and can win exposure, cash and equipment. The most active and accurate music reviewers can also win prizes and awards.

So if you are an artist needing exposure or a music fan looking for the next big thing, check out today!

American Idol Underground
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