Sharon Hope Robinson
Sharon Hope Robinson
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Pop - General | Aberdeen, North Carolina, United States
Total Song Plays: 7,192   
Member Since: 2006
   Last Login: 3/26/2015

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Sharon Hope is a Songwriter, Publisher, Singer, and Music Producer from North Carolina. Genre's include Pop, Contemporary Country, Rock, Adult Contemporary, and R&B. She owns and operates Hope Starr Music, LLC which is a publishing and production company. She
pitches her original songs to film and tv licensing, major and independent artists, labels, and other publishers. She writes with other Songwriters, Music Producers, and Artists from the US and all over the World. Sharon Hope writes from the heart with lyrics that seem to get you hooked right from the start with great melodies, combined with memorable hooks. Her music can best be described as "story telling" and can make you feel like you've "been there and done that". Sharon Hope's writing goals are to be the major songwriting force behind all the mainstream music that you hear today on the Radio, in Film, and on TV.

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I am the opening act for a male country artist on March 8th at The Railhouse Brewery in Aberdeen, NC. Time is 8pm til 9pm. This day will also be my cd release party and the release of my first full length cd! CD's will be for sale through me only, via paypal. Send payments of $10 to via paypal for my CD. I will also be videotaping my live performance and will have DVD's available for sale for $20 via paypal.


Brian McNulty posted over 30 days ago to Sharon Hope Robinson

Sharon, You sure can sing. Lovely melody and great vocal performance on Real Men Cry Sometimes.

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

Awww shucks Brian. Thank you very much. That song is very close to my heart and special because it's a true story about my brother. He still hasn't had the stomach to listen to it yet after all these years of knowing about it. I'm hoping to get a cut with it soon. Pitching it to major artists now. Glad you like my original rendition of it though.

Kate Carpenter posted over 30 days ago to Sharon Hope Robinson

Hi sharon thx for the review. I am in NC on vacation mrskate ie jazz

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

you're welcome :)

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago to Sharon Hope Robinson

Why is it that the opportunities from publishers on here think that we will give away 100% of our publishing on our songs and exclusivity? Not in a million years would I ever do that. That might keep me from obtaining a licensing deal but it also keeps that song's publishing with 1 entity for a long time and not being able to submit it to other opportunities and it takes a large chunk of my earning money away. Only an amateur would give away all their publishing and exclusivity. Am I the only one that is frustrated with these opportunities that they offer?

NashvilleJoe posted over 30 days ago

you are not alone!--i would never give up 100 per cent publishing!--cheers--joe.

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

Glad to see there is other educated writers out there that know better. Do these publishers think we are that desparate to get a placement that we'd give up half the income generated? Not me buddy. Plus they want half the sync fee? Give me a break. I'm so glad I educated myself on the biz side of the music industry! I became my own publisher and I will never get ripped off. I'm willing to give a certain percentage for them pitching the song and placing it but not exclusively and only for a certain amount of time then I'd want the all the publishing to revert back to me. I mean, they're only pitching it and placing it with that one placement. So why in the world would I allow them to continue to make money off of what I created for eternity when all they did was pitch the song once? I'm sure artists/songwriters do this all the time, but I'd rather wait for a better deal. My songs are worth it. Plus, I continually try to pitch my songs to major artists, so I don't want my songs tied up in an excusive deal when it comes to film and tv placements, period.

Adam Avery posted over 30 days ago

If you have a track that has potential to be placed with a major recording artist and a publisher can make that happen, by all means give them exclusive publishing rights (1-3 years). But I agree with you... I wouldn't tie up my songs in an exclusive deal for TV, film, advertising, or small placement. Too much opportunity cost associated with that!

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

I'm a publisher myself now, so I try to pitch my own songs when possible, but without the major connections to do so, it's practically impossible until they know who I am. I most recently use a song plugger that I met on facebook. We've become really great friends. She's also an artist manager. Has her own company and hires out the people she needs to do things for her artists such as recording their songs, making music videos, etc. She has a lot of connections and has access to pitch to some major artists but not everyone. So, I try to network on facebook, linkedin, etc, to try and reach out to major people so they know who I am, get familiar with me, get in with them so I can eventually start pitching to them myself instead of having to use third parties that want a cut. I write all my songs in order to pitch them to artists. Getting access to get the songs to them is the hardest part. I don't give up though. If I don't get any cuts within the next few years, I'm probably going to just release them myself and see how they do. I've got tons of stuff for these artists, they just don't know it yet. Lol. Feel free to check out my main site I use which has my most recent songs, videos, etc. at

Adam Avery posted over 30 days ago

Publishers do earn their money. They have spent time and money making the connections and earning their stripes to get your stuff heard in places where it would ever be heard otherwise. You just have to do your homework and be smart.

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

Oh, I know they have. I'm not taking away from creditable well known publishers. But they're not a lot of major publishers on this site, if any at all. We don't know what kind of publishing companies these opps are coming from. My point is, I've spent more than 10 years paying my dues, trying to make connections, spending countless hours writing and recording, mixing, mastering, putting myself out there. So why should I give exclusive rights, plus half the sync fee, and 100 % of my publishing when I have worked just as hard to get in doors. The only difference is they got in the doors to submit songs to supervisors. I'd rather pay a flat fee like I would to a song plugger and keep all my publishing and my sync fee. Cause in the end, all they're doing is pitching songs to supervisors. If I had the "ins" they do, I could do the same thing. I realize they spend time collecting the money and giving it out to the writers, but I'm a publisher too and can collect my own money from BMI. This discussion could go back and forth forever I'm sure. Bottom line, we don't know who we're submitting to so that we can check these people out to see if we'd even want to spend our time and money submitting. At least with Music XRay, you know exactly who the industry company or person is that you're submitting to.

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

I usually don't even bother submitting to publishers on this site because of all this crap. I had saw one today that I had the perfect song for though and was gonna submit but then when I read the terms and conditions and that it was an exclusive deal and they wanted 100% of the publishing, I hit the cancel button immediately. I'll stick to submitting to the major artists song cuts opps on here like I was doing. The rest, for me personally, is a complete waste of money and time since I can't research who the opportunity providers are on the film/tv listings.

gordon chapman posted over 30 days ago

broadjam opps are just a money making machine for broad jam! very vague descriptions to bring in more submitters. and when something is selected it doesn't match the description given. they prey on the unsuspecting. you are better off on your own!

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

Amen Gordon. I had one of my songs finally chosen by the opportunity provider. They needed me to sign some paper work and I did and sent it back to them like they requested. And then after I went through all that, they emailed me and told me they had decided to pass on my song that it "didn't fit for the project but would keep it on file." Why select my song then if it didn't fit for the opportunity that you listed? This site drives me bonkers. It was the only opp that I've ever been selected for and then they reject it anyway? I really am starting to think and agree with you Gordon. that this is all just a money making thing for broadjam and the listing providers. This is exactly the reason why I would prefer to go straight to the source if at all possible. I hardly ever submit here anymore. Only if I have a dead ringer for what the listing wants. But based off my last selected song, that is still no guarantee that they will use it. So why even bother anymore? Just not worth the money. I've been a member for years and it's been a complete waste of time and money. I basically use this site now just to see what artists are looking for songs to record. I use this and music xray to find out. I don't ever submit through music xray anymore either. But at least there, you know who the industry person or company is and then I do my research and see if I can reach out to them in some way and make a connection and get an "in" to submit.

Adam Avery posted over 30 days ago

Hate to be the voice of dissent here, but I have a very different experience. I have had several selections here, on Broadjam, and while many of them didn't work out (there's no guarantees - we're also competing with professional staff writers for most of these postings) I am building a working relationship with a publisher who has spent a ton of time with me working on a recent project.

He's a busy guy and yet he's taken hours and hours out of his schedule the last 2 months to chat via phone, email, etc... he wouldn't work that hard for the $2.50 submission fee he received from me.

This business is tough. Broadjam is just an avenue that makes it a bit easier. It's not a golden ticket, just a forum to meet folks who've had some success. Yes, it'll cost you some money, but so does everything in this business. Broadjam could give more info on their listings, I agree. But the staff is very helpful. If you email them, they'll respond with more info. They're a business too ;)

Sharon Hope Robinson posted over 30 days ago

I'm glad you've had success with this site, but I haven't. Everyone's experience is gonna be different. I keep seeing the same people and some of the same songs chosen for a bunch of listings. Makes me wonder why. These are totally different listings wanting totally different types of songs, yet the same songs are chosen. Some are better than mine, some are not. I just don't have a lot of faith in this process. I've been a member for a long time so I've spent a lot of time and 1000's of dollars on membership fees and submission fees. Haven't got 1 placement and haven't made a penny from it. After my membership is up, I will be going back to a free account just so I can keep up with what major artists are looking for new material.

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