Cozy & Warm Cues For Well-Connected Music Library

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Genre: All

Posted: Jan 12, 2018

Deadline: Feb 15, 2018

Category: TV

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Looking for: Nice, gentle & positive cues on the calmer side of things - imagine a cozy time together in the warm light of the fireplace in your living room, or other 'cozy' places / activities. Please pay attention to: Structure-wise it stays harmonically on the same, ie it doesn't have a 'A/B/A/B' structure (which makes it easier to cut to picture for advertising usage); having an organic instrumentation & a clear mood. Please refer to the Ref's.

Doesn't necessarily need a prominent melody - often, nice musical motives that work well as background music work well (please refer to the examples).

Only well-composed cues with nice production please.

Genre: modern, featuring acoustic instruments

Tempo: slow-mid to mid tempo

Mood: cozy, nice, warm, positive

Additional info: Track Length should be around 2 minutes (go above 2 minutes is best), stick to one mood/drive per track, always pay attention to a continuous & subtle development in during the arrangement/track; arranged endings only (ie do not fade out the whole music as an ending). Solid perfromance & production needed.

Please DO NOT copy/rip-off the examples provided; These are pieces already signed to the library and shall give you an impression of the arrangement, mood, structure and production quality that is needed.

The examples below may contain vocals, but please submit only similar-sounding instrumentals to this Opportunity.

Opportunity ID: FT011863