Pro Reviews Terms & Conditions

A Pro Reviewer is a music professional contacted by Broadjam whose expertise includes evaluating the music, lyrics and market potential of songs. In consideration of the mutual promises contained herein, and intending to be legally bound, you ("Artist") hereby agree as follows:

  1. For purposes of this Agreement, the term "Artist" shall refer to any individual or group, whether or not organized as a legal entity, who made any creative contribution to Materials you submit to Pro Reviews.
  2. For purposes of this Agreement, the term "Materials" shall include but is not limited to: sound recordings, musical compositions, lyrics, pictures, graphics, photographs, text, videos and other audiovisual work, album and other artwork, liner notes and all other original works of authorship.
  3. The Pro Reviewer will complete each song review via their Pro Reviewer account on within thirty (30) calendar days of the Artist payment to Broadjam.
  4. A Pro Reviewer may at their own discretion decline to provide Pro Reviews services to Artists who do not submit complete, original songs for Pro Reviews. If the Pro Reviewer declines, Broadjam will contact the Artist to discuss and resolve the submission.
  5. Pro Reviews ratings, comments, content and all other intellectual property in Pro Reviews belongs solely to Broadjam. Broadjam hereby expressly grants Artist Broadjam, the right to publish, transmit, stream, broadcast, publicly display and publicly perform in any manner, form or media whether now known or hereafter devised the content of the "approved quote" field of the Pro Reviews of their submitted Materials, including attribution by name to the Pro Reviewer.
  6. Artist may not contract directly with Pro Reviewers for additional professional review services outside the Broadjam Pro Reviews opportunities. Any additional review services are subject to the terms of this Agreement.
  7. If after Pro Reviewer provides Pro Reviews services to Artist, Artist desires to engage Pro Reviewer to purchase additional non-review services (such as, but not limited to, music production or management), or Pro Reviewer desires to engage Artist for professional services, (such as, but not limited to, songwriting, production or performance), such services are to be negotiated directly between Pro Reviewer and Artist and are not subject to the terms of this Agreement.
  8. By submitting Materials to Broadjam, Artist represents and warrants that Artist has obtained and holds all rights, approvals, consents, licenses and/or permissions, in proper legal form, necessary to use and include any "samples" or excerpts from copyrightable work in Artist's Materials.
  9. All submissions to Pro Reviews are final and irrevocable. Once Artist has submitted payment to Broadjam for Pro Reviews services, Artist may not withdraw the submission. Absolutely no refunds will be made for any reason, except if Pro Reviewer determines submitted song(s) and Materials are not complete or original.
  10. By contract, Broadjam provides certain services that are sponsored by others such as Pro Reviewers. Broadjam bears no responsibility, and hereby disclaims all liability for any aspect of any Pro Reviewer services. Any claim you may have regarding Pro Reviewer services must be pursued exclusively with the Pro Reviewer, pursuant to Section 1.15 of the Broadjam User Agreement.
  11. By submitting Materials to a Pro Reviewer, Artist grants Broadjam the right to publicize and broadcast Artist's name, character, likeness, voice and all other intellectual property contained in Artist's submission.
  12. By submitting Materials to a Pro Reviewer, Artist grants Broadjam the right to release member name, address, email, and phone number to said Pro Reviewer upon request.