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White Knight Worldwide Media (BMI) is pitching tracks for a top-shelf alcohol brand's Fall 2017 campaign. Music should reflect a party atmosphere, be uplifting, high energy, and fun. Scenes will show two dueling parties at separate geographic locations, different time zones, from different walks of life. Both settings will be partying with the bond of the same adult beverage. Music producers are seeking two separate genres to reflect each location and social setting. Excerpts from each track will be showcased in the commercial.

(Example: One scene is a chic city, roof top party with applicable music; other scene is a casual house party in an urban setting with friends, using applicable music)

Segment will show no matter what walk of life, the beverage can be enjoyed. Ad firm is open to hearing creative options and genres they may not yet be considering.

Commercial will be aired nationally (TV), promoted as ads on all major platforms and mobile outlets (YouTube Ad content), and via ad purchase spots for website sales. Ad duration will be no longer than 31 seconds, airing for no longer than 2 months (to be archived/available online via YouTube).

SUBMISSION DATES: Aug 29, 2017 - Sept 15, 2017

Open to all uplifting, feel-good genres. Both songs with vocals and instrumentals are accepted. Dance (house, electronic), Rock (all genres including surf rock/punk), Pop, Country, Hip Hop and all applicable cross-genres.



-Budget: Up to $20,000.00 total for a non-exclusive, one-time license per track used.
-Usage Duration: 3 month from first airing. unlimited usage online.
-Track Length: No less than 90 Seconds. Must work for edits/cut downs.
-Usage: All Media
-Territory: Worldwide
-Agreement: Client details & deal memo to be provided upon final track selection in commercial.

Submissions Fee

$15 per song for Primos, $20 per song for Non-Primo Members
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Important Dates

Due Date is 9/15/2017


This is a different kind of music licensing opportunity. This is a direct pitch to music supervisors from White Knight Media (formerly Pulse Records) as opposed to through a publisher or song plugger. White Knight and Broadjam do not require contracts to pitch these songs and take no part of the revenue (sync fee or publishing) from any resulting placements. Any placement would get a contract directly from the production company.


-Tracks must be well-produced, professional, and ready for inclusion in programming.
-Tracks must be appropriate for the supported content.
-Artists or representation must own all copyrights.
-No re-titles.
-No uncleared samples will be allowed.

SUBMISSION PROCESS: Songs submitted will all be reviewed thoroughly by White Knight Worldwide Media staff. All tracks that match the submission criteria will then be passed along to advertising firm decision makers for consideration. If selected, our staff will then provide the contact information and steps for artist to complete the process.
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