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Pop - Rock | Portsmouth, England, United Kingdom
Total Song Plays: 5,987   
Member Since: 2013
   Last Login: 10/16/2017

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Alan Gillis (Gulliver) posted 2 days ago to Tristyn Leach

Hi Tristyn
Thanks for the stars and playlist adds for 'Falling at your Feet'. Are you still pro LSD now that you've heard it?

Ionut Mirel Udrea posted 2 days ago to Tristyn Leach

Hello my friend ! Thank you very much for taking the time to listen and rate my new song "Fury of the destiny ". I really appreciate your support. All the best!


Just uploaded the first mix of my latest Retro rendition if you'd care to listen. I usually hear all of the mistakes after I've gone public, so I'm sure it will change. 1

Susan Odella posted 3 days ago

Alan - I love that song! Makes me want to start drinking alcohol again...haha! Nice and moody vibe--great job altogether! Susan

Alan Gillis (Gulliver) posted 3 days ago

Thanks - better than LSD.

Susan Odella posted 3 days ago

I wouldn't know...haha :)

Tristyn Leach posted 3 days ago

Prefer LCD myself . Will listen tomorrow Alan when on the pc

Alan Gillis (Gulliver) posted 3 days ago

and thanks for the *s and playlist add Susan.

Tristyn Leach posted 5 days ago to Ionut Mirel Udrea

Thanks for the adds as always I appreciate it. Take it easy ty

Ionut Mirel Udrea posted 4 days ago

Always a pleasure! I was away for the last 3 weeks. All the best!

Alan Gillis (Gulliver) posted 7 days ago to Tristyn Leach

Hi Tristyn
Thanks for the *s and playlist add for DON'T. haven't heard from for a while. Hope you're doing ok.

Tristyn Leach posted 6 days ago

hi Alan, your'e welcome. yeah bit a quiet lately. I'm ok thanks hope your doing well.

Alan Gillis (Gulliver) posted 5 days ago

I've been a bit quiet too. Getting frustrated with a new recording - trying to make it sound the way it is in my head!

Tristyn Leach posted 5 days ago

Yeah not easy to get songs sounding how you want/ hear them. I have that problem a lot on most songs. Writing is not easy but it is compared to recording . Getting anything right is hard work. But the good thing is even the big names struggle too and they have everything at their disposal . Kind of comforting . Keep at it usually comes together suddenly .

Alan Gillis (Gulliver) posted 5 days ago

Almost ready to mix. It's been a lot of work, but others won't hear that in the final product. Watch this space.

Susan Odella posted 1 week ago to Tristyn Leach

Geez, thanks, Tristyn! You must be exhausted after that listening/clicking binge of my're definitely good with my music into next Nice little boost for me since I sat and watched TV news all weekend. Not that I couldn't think of a song to write, but I was like...why bother? Note to self...watching the news Is Not going to help a bad mood...haha. I do appreciate your support - thank you, Tristyn! Susan

Tristyn Leach posted 1 week ago

Your welcome Susan been meaning to catch up for a ages. hang on is great, perfect recording. really like that one. i try not to watch the news its always depressing and over the top, everyday here all we hear is brexit trump korea and talking meerkats trying to sell us insurance lol . its like being in alternate reality and not a good one lol

Susan Odella posted 1 week ago

Yes, no kidding! I do like talking animals, though :) AND, I love the Kia Soul hamsters...always cute, and the music is great! Maybe the answer is to watch the commercials and mute the rest. Have a good week!

Tristyn Leach posted 1 week ago to j.a.connor

Hiya thanks for stars on one of the tracks i done. i appreciate it. cheers j

j.a.connor posted 1 week ago

Hi Tristyn, I forgot to highlight the track as "Wicked Game", and by the way, I think the vocal is spot on.

Tristyn Leach posted 1 week ago

Thanks , i updated it earlier with some new vocals. should be better cheers for the listen and adds j

Tristyn Leach posted 2 weeks ago to Susan Odella

Hi thanks for the adds and listen on the cover Susan. i will have to spend a hour to listen to all your new tracks. hope your doing well., cheers

Susan Odella posted 2 weeks ago

Tristyn, yes, that's why I give then other people will owe me some listens...just kidding! Really don't expect anything back :) I like your version of Chris Isaak's "Wicked Games" - that's always been one of my favorite songs. Enjoy the weekend! Susan

Tristyn Leach posted 2 weeks ago

ha i know, ! a lot of people do though. i meant you got a lot of recent uploads i need to catch up on listening. cheers yeah the original is great

Cyndi Corkran posted 2 weeks ago to Tristyn Leach

"Wicked Game" cover is gorgeous....really love your unique vocals, and the warm, slow, passion you bring to this song. PL add is not working.....;- /

Nice new rendering of you too!

All the best my friend!

Tristyn Leach posted 2 weeks ago

Hi Thanks Cyndi . i think people will either like it or hate it that version lol. I'm on the fence with the splinters myself lol
cheers dont worry about adds. I'm trying to cut them down as end up with hundreds of playlists lol

Cyndi Corkran posted 2 weeks ago

Many of us have those "splinters", and we are usually our worst enemies! The track is really fine, and my pleasure!

Tristyn Leach posted 2 weeks ago to starkynova muzik

Hi thanks for the adds on one of my tracks. i like your tracks very chilled cool espec water falls , cheers

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