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Blues - Modern | Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Total Song Plays: 12,377   
Member Since: 2005
   Last Login: 12/20/2014

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I was born at a very early age, in London UK. Soon as I could talk, I told my mum, ''When I grow up I want to be a musician'' she said ''Son, I'm afraid you can't do both''. I've discovered growing older is mandatory, but growing up is optional, so I stuck with being a musician. It's been a varied career, good times, lean times, one day chicken, next day feathers, if you know what I mean. Had the pleasure of playing with some great musicians over the years; I'm hoping some of their talent rubbed off on me, just a little. Now based in Bristol, with my own recording studio. Took me a while to embrace new technology (electricity that is). But then, if it wasn't for electricity, we'd all be watching television by candlelight, did you ever think of that? Had some cuts on a few artists CD's, but I'm still waiting for that big one, before my birth certificate runs out. Thanks for your friendship, collaborations, help and advice. And always remember, you're unique, just like everybody else.

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Written ''Restless Heart'' for new film Restless Heart
'Retribution Blues' for the film A Bit of Bad Luck
'What Do They Know About Us' on Sumeka Jacksons new CD
'Don't Pass Me By' for Homeless Charity (JH)
'A Sad Song' on Autism Awareness CD
'You Get To Me' for US reality show
'The Art of Letting Go' for new artists CD


Earl.C.Webb posted 2 days ago to Earl.C.Webb

So..my daughter just told me that I'm condescending!
If you don't know what that means, it's talking down to someone


I was once told that everything I say is condescending.

I could tell a person "good job" and it would immediately be converted into sarcasm by interpretation.

Julia Schmidt posted 2 days ago

U both make me laugh!!:)

Abram Band posted 9 hours ago

Lol! Is good we need Lol's ! Jacalyn

Donovan Tucker posted 3 days ago to Earl.C.Webb

Earl, can ou tell me if US Copyrighted songs are protected in England and Europe as well, and do you yourself copyright in both countries?

Earl.C.Webb posted 3 days ago

Don..if you mean in general are they copyrighted in England and Europe if you file for copyright in the US, then yes
If you're referring to Copyrightsworld as per the comment from Abram Band, then if you go on their website you can see they apply for worldwide copyright, which naturally would include Britain and Europe
It's pretty good because I used to wait until I had a bunch of songs to send to the Us fed copyright to make it worthwhile paying out, which sometimes put me in a situation where I had songs out there which weren't protected
Copyrightsworld is relatively inexpensive I've found
Best to you Don

Earl.C.Webb posted 3 days ago

If you click on my song 'Shut Your Mouth' (listening is completely optional) you'll see the Copyrightsworld sign come up, click on that and it should show you a certificate of worldwide coverage

Cyndi Corkran posted 3 days ago

"Shut Your Mouth".....wow, great song Earl, and Rachael Hawnt's vocals are supreme!

I'm very interested in the Copyrightsworld information. Thanks again for sharing.

Earl.C.Webb posted 2 days ago

Thanks Cyndi that's very kind
Julia was going to do that one for me but Rachael is doing an album right now and wanted it...
Julia is hopefully going to be doing a song 'Starting Fires' for me soon that I know she will sound amazing on

Cyndi Corkran posted 2 days ago

Looking forward to hearing your new collaboration with Julia when it unfolds!

Abram Band posted 3 days ago to Earl.C.Webb

Earl Thanks for info on Copyrightsworld! very great
information. Abram Band.

Earl.C.Webb posted 3 days ago

They're good if you are wanting to Copyright a single song but would work out a tad expensive if you did multiples
They've hit on a neat idea..they invite songwriters to copyright with them, then every month they send all the songs been submitted to different copyright offices so effectively they pay for copyright once and pocket all the artists copyright fees...you get a date stamped certificate, so far..so good
Best to you

Cyndi Corkran posted 3 days ago

That is interesting information Earl; never heard of this site, but will check it out, as well.

Also want to say the I always enjoy your "one liners"! Your sense of humor and puns are such a pleasure to read, and I know that you would be great fun, with which to hang!!!
Merry Christmas and best to you in the New Year!

Earl.C.Webb posted 3 days ago

Why thank you Ms Corkran
Best to you too

Cyndi Corkran posted 3 days ago

Thanks Earl!

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